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Welcome to the world of Arn Fredrickson and Ed Brooks. They are two college men in pursuit of knowledge, culture and sex but not necessarily in that order. Their world is very much like our world except for the magical, supernatural, and alien forces they encounter. Twice monthly we will see the release of another chapter in their adventures.

The Arn and Ed webcomics are written by Edward Fik and myself and illustrator Edward Joseph Fik IV. From time to time we will have a guest artist come into illustrate an Arn and Ed story.

If you enjoy the Arn and Ed webcomics, be watching for the 2011 Robert Rollins Pictures release of The Magic Hourglass, a 20-minute live-action film about the boys. Presently Robert Rollins Pictures is assembling financing for Lanterns for the Dead, a full length, live-action Arn and Ed movie.

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