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Lanterns for the Dead ~ Synopsis

Scott Henderson is a student at Austin-Byrne University. He’s young. He’s in love. He’s dead. The police are blaming drugs. Scott’s friends don’t accept that. Arn Fredrickson decides to investigate. He has to know the truth. Ed Books decides to help. He has nothing better to do. They are a mismatched pair of detectives. Arn has an inquiring mind. Ed has a mind that people inquire about. Arn hungers for knowledge. Pizza satisfies Ed. Arn will go to the ends of the earth, or at least, Newport Beach, to get answers. Ed will follow faithfully – unless Arn wants to start before 11 AM, work during mealtimes or interrupt Babylon 5 reruns. Ed reserves the right to leave the investigation any time he sees a good-looking lady. Amrys Iscovan is proof that a pretty face can hide an evil mind. For uncountable years she has been siphoning life energy from willing young men like Scott. Their spirits are trapped in energy globes, which are the literal light of Amrys’ life. Now, Amrys is attempting to ensnare Ed. Arn realizes the stakes and wants to save his friend. Ed hasn’t a clue and doesn’t want to be rescued. Soon, all three will collide in a battle of good versus evil versus idiocy – and only two can survive!
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