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Long After Midnight
Long After Midnight ~ Synopsis

Long after Midnight is a short film about imagination and the magical time in all our lives when our minds create the world around us. Rhett Savitch is a young boy, who has persuaded his parents that he is old enough for a back yard sleep out. He pitches his tent, stocks it with toys and comic books and brings out his favorite stuffed animal for company. Rhett is good spirits and enthusiasm until the sun goes down. As daylight fades, Rhett's rationalism is swamped by primal fears of the night and the dangers that could be lurking there. Darkness brings dark thoughts, which distort the backyard quotidian. The wind blows in strange noises. Unusual light patterns filter through the canvas. Why is the neighbor's dog barking? What in the world are those shadows? The tension builds toward a dénouement that will ring true to the children in all of us, while leaving hint of the magical as well.
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