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Craig Russom
Craig Russom
Producer / Stunt Coordinator

Craig Russom graduated from University Miami of Ohio with degrees in aeronautics and mathematics and continued his education as a graduate assistant in the aeronautics department while studying systems.  But his passion for the outdoors came calling and he left Oxford, Ohio and became owner/operator of Mountain Quest Sports, a specialty sporting goods outfit in Edwards, Colorado.  For ten years he taught the wonders of the outdoors as a kayak, rock/ice climbing, and mountaineering instructor in the mountains of the Vail Valley.   Craig was introduced to the film and television industry as an outdoor expert and was asked to appear on local news stations to discuss trends and technique and he also filmed several instructional and adventure videos for internet and film.  Craig left the Vail Valley in 2003 and moved to California to pursue a career in acting and stunt coordination and quickly found work as a regular background actor for a number of television and film roles such as: C.S.I. Miami, Lucky, Entourage, House, Friends, Charmed, Summerland, EVE, Girlfriends, Million Dollar Baby, XXX 2 and MC 2.  Craig brings his experience in rigging methods, safety procedures, problem solving, business management and his passion for extreme sports to Robert Rollins Pictures.

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