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Edward Joseph Fik IV
Storyboard / Web Comic Artist

Edward Joseph Fik IV was raised in California on a steady diet of cartoons, comics, games, movies and television. So much so that he eventually attended California Institute of the Arts earning himself a degree in Fine Arts in Animation. During his college years and after Ed has been working on and off in the entertainment industry. Since the early 1990's he has worked with Kroyer Films as a character designer and colorist. He has also worked with many other small film or animation houses as a character designer and storyboard artist. To top off his career Ed has also taught fine arts and animation to children and young adults. In is spare time Ed still watches movies and television, reads comics, draws plays with Legos all this while juggling his three children and wife, and is learning to become a steam plant mechanic for the Los Angeles Water and Power. Ed has worked with Robert Rollins on The Empty House and The Ringing.

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