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Jeremy Borum

Jeremy is a long time collaborator of Robert Rollins, having scored Dream Country, Fortune's Fools, Knightfall, Long After Midnight, Pumpkin Hollow and The Ringing. As a composer and performer Jeremy loves the collaborative process. He has always played the role of a supporting cast member, rarely in the spotlight, and he loves to use his skills to draw attention to the focal point. Whether that focal point is the plot of a movie or the front man in a band he enjoys the way in which artistic visions meet and sometimes collide on the way towards art. His main focus is as a film composer and orchestrator. Film directors and fellow composers both challenge him in new ways on every project, and he enjoys film related work immensely. Related to this he arranges and orchestrates for bands on occasion, bringing a sophisticated orchestral sound into the pop/rock world. He has done this both for live tours and album recording projects. He is also a contributing composer for a few different production music libraries for film and television. Jeremy's feature film credits include Scott Derrickson's The Day The Earth Stood Still, Ridley Scott's American Gangster and Body of Lies, Brett Ratner's Rush Hour 3, Robert Iscove's Love n' Dancing, Jake Kennedy's Penance, Rebecca Lorenne's Take A Bow and Gwen O'Donnell's Funk Parlor. He has also done work for television shows including C.S.I. New York and Everybody Hates Chris, ad campaigns including Blue Shield of California's ad campaigns from 2006-present, and a dozen short films. To support his composing services he also runs a music engraving and music copyist business and has produced manuscripts for many major music publishers, performing groups and scoring sessions. Music preparation and proof reading is a detailed and critical part of the writing process and he loves the way a beautiful and graceful score looks on the page. In his spare time he tours the world with the gospel reggae band Christafari playing keyboards, visiting on average of 25 countries each year.

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