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Joseph Guimond
Vice President and Chief Operations Officer (Producer)

Joseph Guimond was born to an Idaho native and a Vietnamese immigrant in the summer of 1974. In his youth, Joseph was a shy child, and found solace in sports and academics. A hard work ethic awarded him praise from both coaches and educators alike, which assisted Joseph in his many management positions, starting with being an assistant manager for a local pizza place at 16, and later a bank manager with US Bank in Mission Viejo. Joseph has a long work history of acting in small independent films, being an extra (Nip/Tuck), bartender, waiter and delivery driver has given Joseph a wide variety of experience with many different types of people he calls friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. His filmography includes: Dream Country, Fortune's Fools, Knightfall, Long After Midnight, and Pumpkin Hollow.

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