“Fortune’s Fools” and Patron on the Arts

I would like invite you to take a moment of your time speak you about my new film “Fortune’s Fools” and how you can help fund this project by making a donation through the filmmaker sponsorship program Patron of the Arts.

Being big fans of the classic TV show “The Twilight Zone,” my co-writers Edward Fik, Joseph Guimond and I came up with the short film script “Fortune’s Fools” as a homage to Rod Sterling’s series.

Here’s a brief synopsis of “Fortune’s Fools”:

“Predicting the future is a tricky thing. There are very few people capable of achieving such a miracle. Those that do, find that the future only reluctantly gives up its secrets. And even then those secrets are fragmented at best. But what happens when a person who purports to have such powers, but in reality does not, manipulates and preys upon innocents in need of hope and guidance? How will the future react? What price will be paid? For Lydia Vadoma…she is about to find out.”

To facilitate the fundraising process, we are working through the filmmaker sponsorship organization, Patron of the Arts, which creates a person-to-person micro-donation program for independent filmmakers and artists.

The approval process is extensive and includes a complete review of detailed budget, schedule and project proposal. Now that we are qualified, we are able to solicit people we know to donate to the “Fortune’s Fools” production similarly to Kickstarter or Indie Go-Go. However, unlike Kickstarter and Indie Go-Go, patrons get something of real value in that all donations are tax deductable.

If this project sounds interesting to you, if the story or subject matter and if you want to see it made, please make a contribution by following going to www.patronofthearts.org.

Click on “Sponsor A Project” where you will find our project.

On behalf of everyone associated with this production, I want to thank you for taking the time to consider donating to “Fortune’s Fools.”

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