The inspiration for DREAM COUNTRY came from two masters of the fantastic. Ray Bradbury who wrote short stories that transcended time and space, and Rod Serling, who in his classic television show The Twilight Zone, did the same thing visually. Both creators loved to get audience’s expectations going in one direction, and then pull the rug out from under them with an ending twist that took one’s breath away… and left a certain young reader/viewer lying in bed too terrified to close his eyes!

DREAM COUNTRY uses The Twilight Zone framing device of an omniscient narrator to set up the stories. Elias takes the audience to ancient foot bridges that lead from awake to asleep, from conscious to unconscious, from reality to fantasy, and from past to present. One simply has to cross a bridge to enter a dream…

The dream framework allows for the exploration of multiple characters, places and tones.

In DREAM COUNTRY, I was able to explore the characters of a child, and the adult he would become; of two men of contrasting ideologies in a fatal spy vs. spy battle; of a worker in a truly dead-end job; of two best friends on a unexpected time-traveling adventure; and of a twisted marriage and a woman of power. I got to build a child’s backyard, a futuristic prison, a pumpkin stand, Robin Hood’s encampment and a fortune teller’s parlor. I could work with variations of joy, trepidation, anger, terror, dread, humor, affection, self-recognition, superiority and fear.

In directing DREAM COUNTRY, I hoped to share company with Ray Bradbury and Rod Serling. When I worked out a living space between the two I was ecstatic.

I hope the audience enjoys it too.

Director, Writer and Producer

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