Inauguration Party

Robert Rollins Pictures

The Robert Rollins Pictures Inauguration Party
By Robert Rollins

On Saturday night, June 5, 2010 we celebrated the launch of Robert Rollins Pictures with a fantastic party at Scott’s Seafood in Costa Mesa, California. We had a spectacular array of guests ranging from actors and crewmembers from our previous films to friends, business colleagues and investors for our upcoming feature films Dream Country and Lanterns for the Dead.

The party began in earnest with my producers Joe Guimond and Craig Russom greeting and introducing themselves to our guests at the door. The next stop for our guests was to join me on the red carpet and have a photo taken of themselves with Lanterns for the Dead teaser poster and myself. From there our guests had the opportunity to mix, eat hoarders, drink, get to know one another and enjoy the gentle music performed by a Grammy nominated husband and wife musical team.

At eight o’clock our presentation began with my former branch manager of UBS Financial Services, Don Dalis, introducing me to the audience. It was a special moment having Don there addressing the audience as he has been something of a mentor to me, grooming me, guiding me along and encouraging me to follow my dream of being a director, writer and producer.

Nervously taking the stage, I began to speak about the feature film that I wanted to direct and produce Lanterns for the Dead. I explained to the audience that Lanterns for the Dead was about two best friends, Arn Fredrickson and Ed Brooks, who encounter an ancient witch who magically harvests the souls of her victims to use as mystical batteries to remain forever young. To help illustrate how the movie will look when completed, we presented our promotional materials of the Lanterns for the Dead teaser poster and teaser trailer, production paintings and storyboard animatics to assist in visualizing an intangible product. (All of the Lanterns for the Dead promotion material can be seen on this website by following this link,

Following the presentation the film’s producers Joseph Guimond and Craig Russom joined me on stage to explain the investment opportunities for accredited investors investing in Robert Rollins Pictures’ Lanterns for the Dead, LLC.

While the presentation came to an end there was a personal highlights of the evening I would like to share. When I looked out to a nearby table I saw my mom, Deanna Rollins, watching me. There was a look of pride that I have never seen before. Everything that she wanted to say was said in that one moment and it amazed me how much was said with no words at all. It meant a great deal seeing and will stick with me for the rest of my life.

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