The DREAM COUNTRY segment KNIGHTFALL is a story of actions. The actions start slowly and escalate. A romantic evening turns into a kidnapping. Very quickly we see we are not in the world of James Bond. The Saville Row suit has given way to underwear. The clever quip is replaced by screams of pain. Information is needed and the means to gather it are not questioned. Would one human being really use these sharp, cold, pointed, metal instruments on another? We search in vain for the hero inside the sterile, white interrogation room.

The DREAM COUNTRY segment KNIGHTFALL is story of ideas. It is an examination of the dark side of the soul. Echoing today’s headlines, it questions an individual’s right to transcend humanity’s norms for a hypothetical greater good. If we must torture to protect liberty and democracy, have we already lost it?

Where is the line that we must not cross? We lock some people away and restrict their access to family or friends. They are denied their own clothing. Some we decide are too evil to be allowed to live. The process may take years, but these actions are permitted because the accused has “due process.” At times due process seems “undue” to some people. Thomas Jefferson tried to overthrow Freedom of the Press. Abraham Lincoln wished to suspend Habeas Corpus. George W. Bush argued for the right to nearly drown terror suspects to coerce information. Perhaps one’s opinion will depend on which side of the locked door one sits.

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