Many of the main sets we shot in DREAM COUNTRY we built ourselves: the interrogation room, the woodsman camp, the seasonal stand and the reader’s room. The seasonal stand from the Pumpkin Hollow segment is special to me. It was the second segment we shot, and the first one we finished cutting. At the time everybody was busy so I was left to my own devices to build the set pieces needed for the location.

A funny story. Beginning around mid-September, I started buying pumpkins for the set to spred out the costs as we were planning on shooting after Halloween. The day after Halloween I found out all left over pumpkins were free. So I went around to the seasonal stands, loaded up the Volkswagen Bus with pumpkins and stored 500 pumpkins in my backyard and condo. I had planned to haul them to the location within the next day or two, but I came down with walking pneumonia and had to cancel the shoot until December. After I got better i started going on dates again, and I’ll always the strange looks and questions I get from my dates about having wall-to-wall pumpkins scattered through my place before the shoot. Needless-to-say, I didn’t have very many second dates from that time period.

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